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Market leading supplier of fire fighting system for the oil and gas industry.

Up to 30 years of experience
The core competence is our engineering group. The majority of engineers and designers started working in this industry between the years of 1977 and 1991.

Multidiscipline qualifications
Our crew of assembly fitters and service technicians also have an extensive experience through years of practice with assembling and servicing all kinds of fire fighting equipment. Several of our service technicians have multidiscipline qualifications.

The right combination
The combination of our competent field technicians and our skilled in-house staff of engineers makes us particularly qualified to take responsibility for refurbishment and upgrade work, as well as full scale field system testing and verification.

We promise

To use all our skill and experience to make sure that the systems we develop, meets the most stringent
demands for fire protection for oil and gas installations.

To make sure that the flow of communication from us to you, as our client, will be to your satisfaction.

To use and master modern 3D modelling computer software in the process, and therefore be able to be
flexible, and do swift and precise adjustments in response to your special needs.

To invest in, and develop, the technology, and to use it in combination with our in-depth product know-how
for the best of each and every assignment.

To do our utmost every time: By using our years of experience in this particular field, to your advantage.

How we work

All assignments are made to suit the individual requirements of each Client.

State of the art design
Each product is designed by using the most modern 3D modelling computer software. This is a particularly vital point as it allows us to provide quick and flexible response in cases where unforeseen needs occur.

Drop in replacement
FPE is also specialized in tailor-making equipment, which can be used as drop-in replacement for existing worn-out equipment.

Planning and execution
Our Service and Commissioning personnel are trained for undertaking the responsibility of planning and executing replacements on a platform. In addition we are capable of planning and executing the Installation of new products, covering all activities up to and including the commissioning of the equipment.

Our QA System is certified by DnV to NS-EN ISO 9001:2008

Let us take the responsibilty

During the past few years we have made …

  • Installation and commissioning of deluge systems on Snorre A, Statoil
  • Commissioning of deluge systems on Statfjordfield, Statoil
  • Commissioning of all sorts of extinguishing systems on Ringhorne, Esso
  • Commissioning of all sorts of extinguishing systems on Kvitebjørn, Statoil
  • Commissioning of all sorts of extinguishing systems for the Valhall Flanke North an South, BP
  • Commissioning of all extinguishing systems for Kristin, Statoil
  • Periodical inspection and full scale testing of all delugesystems at Snorre A, Statoil
  • Periodical inspection and full scale testing of all delugesystems at Snorre B, Statoil


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