Gaseous Systems

FPE can provide inertgas type extinguishing systems, such as Inergen and Argonite systems.

These systems are designed by use of key components supplied by the manufacturers/ license holders for these gaseous systems. The systems are normally built in open racks, or in enclosed cabinets.

FPE have decided not to get involved in supply of halon replacement gas systems, and CO2 systems.

Gaseous systems are used for extinguisment and prevention (inerting) of flammeable liquid and gas fires, fires involving energized electrical equipment, as well as for a variety of combustibles found in the following applications:

  • Computer rooms
  • Raised floors
  • Switch gear
  • Power generation
  • Engine rooms
  • Turbine hoods
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing and industrial processes
  • Any normally occupied or unoccupied areas with sensitive electronic equipment

Gaseous systems are used as total flooding systems. Gaseous systems must not be used as an extinguishing agent for chemicals containing it's own oxygen supply or reactive metals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium or titanium.



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