Our service department can undertake a large variety of tasks, such as installation, commissioning, trouble shooting and repair, turn-key replacement and upgrading projects.

Our personnel has very extensive experience in assembly and repair of such equipment, and have been carrying out service kind of work on most of the platforms in the North Sea. Our personnel is familiar with the various types of fire protection systems installed on the various platforms in the North Sea, and knows the functioning and operational tricks of the key components.

The personnel holds all necessary safety training courses, and does also hold the platform specific training courses for numerous platforms.



FPE can take the responsibility of installing the fireprotection equipment including hook-up to all relevant platform systems such as piping, electrical power, instrument air system, fire and gas panel etc.


FPE prefers to be involved in start- up and commissioning of the delivered fire protection equipment.

Even though the fire protection systems are relatively simple technical systems, compared to many of the other systems on a platform, we have learned that it is an advantage that our personelI is involved in this work.

This allows us to verify that the equipment is correctly installed, that the system can be released and reset as intended, that all signals are correct, and that it gives the correct flow and discharge pressures according the the approved design criteria.

In a fire situation on a platform, the lives of those people onboard relies on the instant functioning of the fire protection equipment and systems.

It is therefore of vital importance to ensure that the systems function as intended.

Turn Key Upgrading

FPE has gained a substantial experience in upgradings and modifications to platforms where the platform lifetime has been extended, or where severe maintenance problems have occured.

Normally one of our service technicians together with one of our engineers will go to the installation to assist in defining the problems and determine a technical solution.

Our engineers will then design an engineered kit or unit that will fit into the existing space and fit in with the existing interface conditions. FPE  will take the responsibility to build the equipment in accordance with this, and carry out factory testing to verify compliance with the agreed specifications.

Our service personnel can take responsibility for planning and execution of everything from dismantling the existing units, installation of the new units, system testing and verification. We have also in such cases provided fire guards when major fire protection systems are out of service during such upgradings.

Our engineers will take the work of upgrading the documentation to reflect and include the new solutions, as well as training of the platform personnel in operation, testing and maintenance of the new system.


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